Why do you need to learn Chinese?

Why do you need to learn Chinese?

There are many people who study in singapore and wish to learn Chinese but they are often intimidated by the fact that Chinese is a difficult language and cannot be learnt easily. But do you think your intimidations should come in to the way of learning new and brilliant things and then entering into a new and big world? Here are some statements that will make you think why you must get enrolled for a Chinese Course Singapore today itself:

It is not as hard as you think:

More than often, the common reaction of the people has when you suggest learning Chinese is to say it is incredibly difficult. However, it is not! While there are several languages that are easier to learn as compared to Chinese but then, the learners do not find it too much difficult. People have misconceived reputation for difficulty because of its writing systems. Chinese is composed of pictograms and semi phonetics which appears difficult to write.

Chinese might look difficult but once you compare it to Finnish, you will come to know that it is quite grammatically complex language on Earth. Chinese, on another hand, has no cases, no tenses, no genders and simple grammar which is what makes it easier to learn. Unlike most European languages, it does not feature complicated constructs like cases and genders.

Moreover, the language treats tenses in a simple way. Unlike other East Asian languages like Korean and Japanese, this language is free from any complicated honorific grammar. When you consider how the other language learners have to focus on conjugations and genders, you will come to realize and understand that grammar is the real enemy of learning languages.

The difficulty of characters and tones is exaggerated

The final point to be made here is that the hardest parts of the Mandarin Chinese ie the characters and tones are exaggerated. The truth is that the characters in Chinese are not random picture but it is a reasonably organized system of phonetics and radicals that are not too much hard to understand. You don’t need to learn 30000 or 40000 words to learn and become proficient in language. Just a few words and tones and you are ready to communicate fairly.

Chinese Will Open up a World of Opportunity for You

Of course, you must not learn Chinese just because it is easier and accessible. In order to venture into the world of opportunities and business, Chinese language can act as your key. In fact, it is one of the most spoken and learnt languages in current times.

China’s economy is booming

The main driver of the attractiveness and booming of this language is the booming economy and it is rising all over globe. No one can deny the fact that China, over the span of 35 years, has transformed itself from an impoverished country to become the largest global economy. During the same time, China has now opened itself to the world and also has encouraged the Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation. Isn’t it a good enough reason to venture into Chinese?