Important Points to Remember Before Trading-in the Phone

Important Points to Remember Before Trading-in the Phone

Are you thinking about trading in your current phone for some cash, and move towards a new model? Have you finalized the dealer whom to approach for a substantial trade-in and buyback deal? Hold on for a while because you need to adhere to certain steps to ensure a seamless process.

Before you, trade-in a phone, that is currently owned by you, make sure to have all the data and files backed up in a secured external device, be it another phone. Portable drives, USB drives, or cloud storage. Any renowned mobile online store that deals with trade-in business will help you take the entire backup successfully.

If you own an iPhone, just click on the Settings, then iCloud, and then opt for a Storage and Backup. If the iCloud Backup feature is inactivated, activate and run it, then select Back Up Now to safely protect the data in the cloud. If you are using an Android phone, there is no choice of a wireless stock phone backup but you can use the USB cord to plug in the phone into a computer and extract all the data and media files from your Android phone. Moreover, Android users can seamlessly take up back up of photos, contacts, videos, and activate Google Sync in the Settings menu under Accounts and Sync and jumpstart automatic backups.

Encryption clambers the data stored on your phone, making it incomprehensible without the individual device’s exclusive encryption key. Data on iOS devices are encrypted naturally, but if you are working with an Android phone you will have to physically activate data encryption. To do this, you need to select the Settings menu and click More, followed by Security, and finally, select Encrypt Device. The procedure may be slightly time-consuming, but once it is over your data will be securely encrypted and indecipherable by external devices. Though it is enticing to just physically delete media files and apps of the device, encrypt the data and then pass it on, you’ll want to conduct a factory reset to be further safe, which will rub all data from the device and reinstate it to factory defaults, fundamentally the condition it was in when you first bought the phone.

To get the best phone trade-in price, the phone should be in this condition. If your phone has an easily detachable SIM card, you should take it out and store it in a safe place for future use. Moreover, if someone has an Android phone, make sure you take out the SD card you are using to expand your phone’s memory along with the SIM.

When you trade-in a smartphone, you want it to be in the most sought-after condition possible. You should clean the screen with a dry cloth and make sure all docks are clear of dirt and other particles. A clean and tidy phone builds upon the impression and eventually impacts the trade-in and buyback offers.