Features of living in a Residential Quarter

Features of living in a Residential Quarter

Buying real estate is a matter that must be approached seriously and responsibly. Especially when it comes to buying a home for the family.

There are many nuances that you need to pay attention to when choosing: from the type of housing, its location and quality, ending with its cost. Buying an apartment in a residential quarter “Tengah EC” will be an ideal solution for a comfortable stay.

Features of living in a residential area

Infrastructure is a set of facilities that ensure the satisfaction of all the needs of residents. Therefore, this parameter should be given special attention.

The infrastructure includes social facilities: nurseries, kindergartens, schools, institutes of universities, hospitals and clinics, shops; spiritual objects: museums, theatres; entertainment facilities: nightclubs, shopping centres, cinemas, parks, etc.

Of particular importance is the transport infrastructure: the amount of transport with which you can get to anywhere in the city, the location of stops and the extensiveness of working routes. With the help of high transport accessibility, it is possible to purchase housing on the outskirts of the city, which can significantly save money without compromising convenience. You can know about Tengah EC price by simply calling on the number provided on website.

Thus, the convenience and comfort of living depend on the total number of infrastructure elements. It is worth remembering that when buying, you should take into account your future needs (for example, if you do not have children yet, this does not mean then that you will not need a kindergarten in the infrastructure).

Advantages of living in a residential area

Today, a huge number of people prefer to buy an apartment in a residential quarter. This choice is facilitated by the following advantages:

  1. Quality of housing. Modern developers are trying to use professional work and high-quality materials so that the final result can please everyone. This approach is observed both in the construction of the building and in cosmetic work.
  2. Cost of housing. In most cases, developers at the end of construction on some apartments put prices, the size of which is available to almost everyone. Thus, an assortment of housing is created, among which the buyer can choose an apartment suitable for all parameters.
  3. Despite the fact that residential complexes are built far from the city centre (because this area is completely built up), developers are trying to create conditions that are comfortable for living. To do this, they improve infrastructure by agreeing with other commercial organizations to open new facilities.
  4. All residential complexes are equipped with security surveillance systems that allow you to monitor the order, both in the house and in the surrounding areas. In addition, there are security points that you can ask for help in an emergency. Also, the territory of the residential complex is surrounded by a metal barrier, which prevents the penetration of unauthorized persons into the yard and houses. Register for Tengah EC showflat viewing to know more about infrastructural facilities.
  5. An important plus that will save time in search of a place for a car. The new residential complex provides for the availability of ordinary, as well as underground parking.

Buying an apartment in a residential complex is the best option when purchasing real estate. It will not only allow you to choose the right option, but also help save money that can be directed to future repairs. Such an apartment is an ideal option for young families with children, as for them safety and convenience are the main parameters for housing.

Accessories that add luxury 

Accessories that add luxury 

Buying a fantasy house often stays fantasy for many. But, that is about to alter as Hoi Huap Realty and Sunway launch their latest project, Check out Thiam Siew condo floorplan through its official website.

This one to the four-bedroom set project in District 15 stands curled up between sprawling landscapes and boasts of a modern yet luxurious layout. It will give all the fundamental amenities like children’s play space, gym, swimming pool, workout center, etc. There is something for everyone here!

The flats at Thiam Siew have been formulated with a much-needed priority on practicality and satisfaction yet indicating their grandeur style. When it arrives at adorning your house, everyone has a unique taste but some fixtures add an identity to your house and arouse the impression of luxury and high living like nothing else does.

Let us glance at some home adorning notions using accessories that will add to the impression of luxury to your apartment at-


Placing mirrors in your home is the simplest way to add to its décor. An elaborately rimmed mirror in the entrance can provide an atmosphere of grandiose while a funky glass cut out in the drawing-room can help as an expansion of your personality and expand the theme of the house. Mirrors furthermore benefit in indicating sunshine if positioned correctly and can enable in making the area look well-lit. For the superstitious in you, it is said that spotting a mirror right contrary to your gate keeps the unfavorable energies out.

Light Fixtures

Gone are the days when people utilized modest-looking lanterns and tube lamps. Give your house a majestic look with a broad spectrum of light appliances available in the market. From complicated chandeliers to futuristic bulb holders and from metallic lanterns to hand-printed lampshades, the variation is endless and the effect it builds is priceless.


A thick carpet or a radiant rug, the selection is yours, but the consequence it establishes will be for all to see. Carpets can make houses seem cozy and warmer. They also assist in absorbing sound and therefore give a sense of quiet and consensus in the house. A well-constructed, color-coordinated covering can go an extended way in giving rise to your home looking luxurious.

Wall Décor

Walls talk a thousand terms. A good wall décor chunk can pull up a wall from being empty to beautiful. A good work of canvas art, a portrait, or even a framed illustration can renovate the sides of your house. With self-pasting wall décor murals presently effortlessly available, all you require to perform is select the one that recites to you and you are almost one step out from making your house feel like a residence.


Soothing the feeling of aroma is one of the greatly overlooked facets while formulating a home. A good and comforting scent can largely encompass your state of mind. Glowing aroma sticks in the residence room are a tremendous way to soothe the nerves. Keeping potpourri in a container or hanging aroma wands in the house will certainly provide it with a regal and glorious feel.

Leave the structure and design of your house to the developers of ThiamSiew, as the Thiam Siew condo floorplan and a reasonable Thiam siew price will surely capture your desires and will fulfill them with extreme care and love!

Buying an Apartment in a New Building – Be Confident in its Quality

Buying an Apartment in a New Building – Be Confident in its Quality

Buy an apartment in a new building – a good option for those who are entering adulthood or planning to change living conditions to more comfortable. At what stage is it better to buy a condominium?

It often happens that the condo is bought during its construction. This choice is due to the fact that people want to be confident in their future. However, sometimes there are unpleasant cases when the construction period is delayed for years or decades. To prevent this, it is necessary: ​​the first – to take into account the reliability of the developer, the second – to buy already completed new buildings.

  • Before you buy a condominium in a new residential complex, get acquainted with the benefits of such a purchase.
  • Free choice of apartments in Canberra district. (see The Watergardens at Canberra) Buyers of second homes do not have such a wide range as those who are considering new buildings.
  • Many developers offer instalments or discounts on housing. It is convenient and profitable from an economic point of view.
  • The latest technologies – fast and silent elevators, new wiring and modern heating systems.
  • The synergy of modern architecture and comfortable comfort creates real art projects.
  • Understanding that you are the first to inhabit this home, inspires you to arrange it and create comfort.

Criteria for choosing a new condominium

Everyone who wants to buy a new condo in a residential complex, usually focus on the area, number of rooms, floor, infrastructure, location. Some take into account such nuances as the view from the window, planning features and even the characters of the neighbours.

If housing for you is a place where you just need to spend the night until the next busy day, choose a one-room apartment. If your apartment is a fortress not only for you, but also for your family, look for options for two- or three-room apartments. Do you have small children or do you live with the elderly? In this case, Oasis Development Pte. Ltd. Experts advise you to buy a condominium in the Commodore on the lower floors.

For those who like to spend time alone, enjoying the morning or evening city, apartments on the upper floors are ideal. Focus on your own needs and desires when choosing an apartment. However, also take into account all the legal and practical nuances, because choosing an apartment is a serious step.

The Commodore Residential Complex

The Commodore housing complex is located in the district 27 of Canberra drive. The 5-storey residential complex consist of 219 units well-designed for every person’s need. The building is bordered by:

  1. To the South: The Watergardens at Canberra
  2. To the West: Private villas of Sembawang Spring Estate (you can enjoy great sunset views from here)
  3. To the North: Empty plots of land
  4. To the West: 10 floor HDB flats of Canberra Vista

The Commodore residential complex offers easy accessibility to North-South MRT lines for its residents. Not only this, the Commodore condos provide much more to nature lovers with myriad of parks and greenery. At Sembawang Park, you can enjoy a barbeque party in evening with family.  Another lush green area is Yishun Park which is famous as a picnic spot.

Visit the https://finestservices.com.sg/the-commodore/ and register yourself today!

Buy a Condo in a New Building at Canberra Drive or a Second Hand?

Buy a Condo in a New Building at Canberra Drive or a Second Hand?

Which is better to buy an apartment: in a new building at Canberra drive or a second hand? When planning the purchase of real estate, usually weigh the pros and cons. After all, this is not a small amount of money, and buying square meters, the desire to get the perfect home is quite normal.

So what’s the difference between a newly built house and a home that already had other owners? Why do many families decide to choose the first option, while others are resolutely moving into secondary housing?

Consider the main “pros” and “cons” of new homes that attract those who decide to buy an apartment in a new building in Singapore, and the characteristics of secondary housing.

The new apartment had no other owners. You do not need to worry about the number of registered, possibly minors, or arrears of utility bills, or some covert manipulation (for example, an apartment under arrest or claimed by heirs).

The secondary apartment has been renovated. And it doesn’t matter if it’s old or new. After all, in order for housing to meet the tastes of new owners, everything must be redesigned – from planning to wallpaper. It’s a lot of work, time, money, dust and dirt. In addition, dismantling and removing construction debris is a time-consuming process that often exposes hidden problems, and the amount of costs increases in front of our eyes.

You can buy an apartment in district 27 in Canberra drive, not only in an area with developed infrastructure, but also in a residential complex, which has everything you need for a comfortable and pleasant life of a modern family. For example, parking, concierge services, security, ACS systems.

New construction materials and modern technologies are used in the construction of  Commodore condo, which allows to save significantly both during the construction of the house (which means less cost per square meter) and during operation. For example, senior care centre, polyclinic, gyms, fruit orchard, indoor sports hall for badminton and basketball, plots for community farming and fitness studio are some of the common spaces for residents of the Commodore residential complex.

avenir condo launch

Why one should buy a condominium in The Commodore housing complex?

  • Walkable distance to Canberra MRT station
  • Premium development consisting of 219 units
  • Potential for rental yield and capital appreciation
  • Easy reachability to: reputed schools (Sembawang Pri, Wellington Pri, Ahmad Ibrahim Pri, Canberra Pri, Jiemin Pri, Northoaks Pri, Chongfu Pri and Xishan Pri), universities (Nanyang technological university, Singapore university of Social science, Singapore institute of technology, Singapore Management University and Singapore University of technology and design), Sembawang Shopping mall and Jalan Malu-Malu shophouses.
  • Calm and tranquil atmosphere with a close proximity to reservoir and parks.
  • High quality finish on all condo units and deluxe fitting.
  • 30 minute drive distance to Orchard road, central business district and Singapore’s main shopping belt.
  • 1 bedroom to 5 bedroom apartments with well-equipped facilities.

So it’s up to you to decide in which house you, your children and grandchildren will live. Oasis development Pte. Ltd. experts wish you an easy choice!

You might want to check out another Finest property review – The Avenir.

7 Factors when Buying Condominium

7 Factors when Buying Condominium

Buying real estate is a responsible step that requires careful analysis and verification, because the risks are quite high and all of us sometimes tend to make not quite thoughtful decisions. In order for the dream of getting your own meters to come true, experts have prepared for you a list of factors that you need to pay attention to before buying a condominium. This information will help you make an informed decision and tell you what to focus on when buying an apartment in a new building.

1.   The most thorough search

See as many developers of your city as possible on the Internet. Pay attention to their experience, reputation, problems with the law, whether the company is bankrupt and whether there are no current debts.

Turn the pages in the networks, learn as much as possible about the company, its values, available residential complexes. Already on the initial search, you can weed out those developers who do not impress you for various reasons. Professionals advise you to call the hotline of Amber Sea or read more on ambersea-residence.com.sg to find out about advantageous offers or discounts and get complete information about a particular house.

2. Financial component

Before you stop your choice on a particular luxury condo, assess the general state of the real estate market and price dynamics. Decide on the price you will focus on and the maximum amount of money you are willing to pay for the apartment of your dreams. The cost of an apartment in a new building can also be segmented by the degree of development of the city’s infrastructure (or part) and transport links, which increase or decrease the cost.

3.  Location and infrastructure

Most often, choosing housing, the buyer is guided by the location of the house in which he wants to live for a number of reasons (work, close to loved ones, a good school, and quiet part of town). An important component when looking for a condo is also a comfortable arrival to the house, the availability of parking spaces, good transport links.

Buyers more often choose areas with developed infrastructure like Amber Sea, when there are: shops, supermarkets, kindergartens, schools, post offices and banks, fitness centers and more. As well as places with an acceptable level of environmental comfort, with nearby parks or alleys. Therefore, it is better to ask how the infrastructure of the district will change in the near future.  Book a showflat appointment for Amber Sea to find out more.

4. Building materials

Assess the quality of the façade, the thickness and insulation of the walls, what technologies are used in the construction of the house, ask about the guarantees. A big advantage will be the good installation of good front doors, windows and filling of the screed, which will save money during further repairs.

 5. Floor, sunny side

Everyone has their own opinion about which floor will be better and more comfortable. What looks good to one visitor may not be so great to another. For example, you like to be on the 10th floor and enjoy the scenery, and others even think scary about life at such a height.

6. Planning

What type of planning is best to focus on? The arrangement of space in the condominium has its nuances. Again, everything is individual, so this point is also worth paying attention to, although most developers offer a service to change the planning in the early stages of construction.

 7. Legal aspects, verification of documents

Once you have decided where you want to live, there is no less important task – to check the land documentation, construction licenses, building permits and communications, and so on.

Buying your own home is definitely an important and responsible choice in life. This decision should be approached carefully, paying attention to even the smallest details: the reputation of the developer, the area in which the house is located, the authenticity of all documents and permits, the quality of construction work and even the side of the house.