Which Paper Weight to Use for Cosmetic Cream Box

Which Paper Weight to Use for Cosmetic Cream Box

A cosmetic is not attractive without packaging. The packaging draws the attraction of potential customers and also protects your product from damages. Therefore, you can never skip the packaging if you want to sell your products.

Like any other wellness product, cosmetics also have multiple options for packaging. And you can choose anything you want. In this article, you will know about different options for designing cosmetic boxes wholesale. Here are the two most common packaging materials that you can use for your products-

  1. Paperboard boxes

The most popular and trusted packaging item is the paperboard. A lot of products come in paperboard boxes. It is lightweight and durable. You can design different shapes and sizes from the paperboard. Additionally, you can also color them and print them in your favorite design to create a customized box for your product line.

Paperboard is sustainable and recyclable. It is generally made with the fibrous materials of wood or recycles paper pulp. The cardboard is bleached to make it ideal for painting.

There are different types of paperboard packaging that you can use, Solid bleached sulfate paperboard, coated unbleached kraft paperboard are common and preferred for cosmetics.

The most significant benefit of using paperboard is that you can make it appear luxurious with proper designing and printing.

The paperboard boxes are affordable, and you can easily choose them on a tight budget. They are machine produced, and you can get them in any model of your desire.

  1. Rigid boxes

If your cosmetics and delicate and needs special care, a rigid box are ideal for packaging. They are luxurious and add a glamourous touch to your product. The rigid boxes are made of condensed paperboard. It is durable and gets a minimum degree of damages. Hence, they can protect what is inside. The rigid box is nearly four times thicker than a regular paperboard and can hold its shape for a long time. If you plan to offer your clients a storage box that will last for a long time without any problem, a rigid box is a right choice.

Furthermore, they are ideal if you plan to sell your products online and need to ship items to a great distance. You can easily design them as per your choice and incorporate windows, lids, or hinges inside them to make them more comfortable and robust. You can also print images; designs embosses on the rigid boxes as per your preference.

But they are expensive. It is because they are often hand-made and are durable. Hence, if you are willing to spend extra on the packaging, rigid boxes are your perfect choice.

You can choose any packing paper among the above options. Both of them are eco-friendly and sustainable and recyclable. Hence they are not harmful to the environment and also do not pose any risk to cosmetics.