Cord Blood: Important things you must know

Cord Blood: Important things you must know

Umbilical cord blood actually can help to treat and prevent people from life-threatening diseases. There is only one reason behind it – the umbilical cord consists of very precious material known as hematopoietic stem cells. These are blood cells that are found in everyone’s blood or bone marrow. These blood cells help your white blood or red blood cells to stay healthy.

Diseases treated through cord blood

You must know that first cord blood transplantation occurred in the year of 1988, definitely, it has become a very positive alternative option for any kind of cord blood treatment. Diseases like blood cancers or disorders related to it, any kind of immune deficiencies or genetic disorder can be treated from such stem cells. There are many cord blood services institute who preserve such stem cells similar like blood banks.

How patient will able to find a match for stem cell transplant?

For any cord blood treatment, the possibility of using its own cord blood is very rare. The main reason behind is that the genetic defects which cause the illness are generally present in the patient’s cord blood.  So, the best way to get similar cord blood is from a cord blood bank where you can get a matched cord. There are many institutes which provide such cord blood services where they preserve such stems and if required the patient family or hospital can speak with them. General the same stem cells match found in similar ethnicity.

How you can able to derive the cord?

If you want the blood to be preserved, post birth, the doctor generally holds the umbilical cord in two separate places. The cord is about 10 inches and the doctor cut down the cord that separates the baby from the mother. A needle can be inserted in the cord and around 40 milliliters of blood can be preserved from that single cord. After this, the blood is sent back to the bank for storage.

Umbilical cord blood can able to save your lives too 

Cord blood is definitely rich in any form of stem cells that can also be inserted into any kind of blood cells. This helps to treat diseases that affect the blood or immune system, like leukemia or cancers. This is also a painless procedure.

Therapies which are done with the help of cord blood

Definitely, the output of cord blood transplantation has increased since the past decade most of the clinicians have able to gain more knowledge about cord blood as well as picking similar matches. This has also helped people to receive better support or care.

Cord blood makes the future procedures easier

As researchers already explained that with the help of cord blood, it has become much easier to treat several medical procedures.

You will also get your own cord blood anytime

You can also able to keep your own cord blood in the bank if required. This will also help you to save any member of your family if the same gets any life-threatening disease. But it can be only preserved if it’s healthy and matches with the blood.