Cheap Cardboard Boxes: 7 Strategies to Get Them

Cheap Cardboard Boxes: 7 Strategies to Get Them

If you have an online store or a business, you are sure to be concerned about your expenses. And you’ll probably notice how you can optimize some inevitable investments. One of these investments is packaging. It is essential to invest in good packaging to ensure the safety and good presentation of our products. But we often come to mind this question: how to get cheap cardboard boxes?

Sometimes it is possible to optimize our investment in packaging to get what we need by spending less money. Today we put our expertise at your disposal explaining what are our strategies to achieve a cheaper packaging for our customers?

1. Choose your box well

If you are looking for cheap moving boxes in Singapore, it is best to bet on some very popular model. For example, instead of using Postal Boxes you can use boxes with flaps. They are the most economical and versatile option, and with them you can send all kinds of products, as long as you use a good feeling. Although you should keep in mind that with the boxes with flaps you must use a seal, while with the boxes Postal is not necessary.

2. Play with the qualities

We are all concerned that our products arrive in the best conditions. But very often the qualities of the cartons are oversized. That is, our boxes have a superior quality to the essential to get the product to arrive in good condition.

Avoid paying for that extra quality you do not need. Realistically assess the type of product you have to transport and reduce the quality of the box to the least possible. With this you can save a lot on the cost of your packaging.

3. Buy from manufacturer and not distributor

If you buy moving boxes in Singapore directly from the manufacturer, you will be sure to buy at the best price. As there are no intermediaries, your price will always be the best possible.

4. Bet on standard measures

If your focus is on getting cheap cardboard boxes, you may want to bet on standard measures instead of custom boxes. The standard boxes are always cheaper than a custom development.

In contrast, you should consider whether the volumetric weight of your packages increases your logistics costs or not. At the end of the day, custom-made boxes, even more expensive, help reduce your investment in logistics.

5. Choose cheaper printing techniques

When printing the packaging, it is often opted for offset printing. It is a type of photographic quality printing, the best type of printing that you can get. But according to which designs offset printing is not essential.

6. Recycle and recycle again

It is possible to significantly reduce packaging costs if instead of virgin cardboard you choose recycled cardboard for your cartons. In addition, using recycled cardboard boxes is an even more environmentally friendly option, although all types of cardboard is already an eco-friendly material.

7. Have controlled offers and promotions

Take advantage of the offers and promotions that are usually offered by carton suppliers. With many of these offers, you will not have to give up neither the quality nor the materials or the measures that you want. You can buy boxes of the best quality at a much cheaper price.