Buying an Apartment in a New Building – Be Confident in its Quality

Buying an Apartment in a New Building – Be Confident in its Quality

Buy an apartment in a new building – a good option for those who are entering adulthood or planning to change living conditions to more comfortable. At what stage is it better to buy a condominium?

It often happens that the condo is bought during its construction. This choice is due to the fact that people want to be confident in their future. However, sometimes there are unpleasant cases when the construction period is delayed for years or decades. To prevent this, it is necessary: ​​the first – to take into account the reliability of the developer, the second – to buy already completed new buildings.

  • Before you buy a condominium in a new residential complex, get acquainted with the benefits of such a purchase.
  • Free choice of apartments in Canberra district. (see The Watergardens at Canberra) Buyers of second homes do not have such a wide range as those who are considering new buildings.
  • Many developers offer instalments or discounts on housing. It is convenient and profitable from an economic point of view.
  • The latest technologies – fast and silent elevators, new wiring and modern heating systems.
  • The synergy of modern architecture and comfortable comfort creates real art projects.
  • Understanding that you are the first to inhabit this home, inspires you to arrange it and create comfort.

Criteria for choosing a new condominium

Everyone who wants to buy a new condo in a residential complex, usually focus on the area, number of rooms, floor, infrastructure, location. Some take into account such nuances as the view from the window, planning features and even the characters of the neighbours.

If housing for you is a place where you just need to spend the night until the next busy day, choose a one-room apartment. If your apartment is a fortress not only for you, but also for your family, look for options for two- or three-room apartments. Do you have small children or do you live with the elderly? In this case, Oasis Development Pte. Ltd. Experts advise you to buy a condominium in the Commodore on the lower floors.

For those who like to spend time alone, enjoying the morning or evening city, apartments on the upper floors are ideal. Focus on your own needs and desires when choosing an apartment. However, also take into account all the legal and practical nuances, because choosing an apartment is a serious step.

The Commodore Residential Complex

The Commodore housing complex is located in the district 27 of Canberra drive. The 5-storey residential complex consist of 219 units well-designed for every person’s need. The building is bordered by:

  1. To the South: The Watergardens at Canberra
  2. To the West: Private villas of Sembawang Spring Estate (you can enjoy great sunset views from here)
  3. To the North: Empty plots of land
  4. To the West: 10 floor HDB flats of Canberra Vista

The Commodore residential complex offers easy accessibility to North-South MRT lines for its residents. Not only this, the Commodore condos provide much more to nature lovers with myriad of parks and greenery. At Sembawang Park, you can enjoy a barbeque party in evening with family.  Another lush green area is Yishun Park which is famous as a picnic spot.

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