Breakfast at Bukit Timah

Breakfast at Bukit Timah

No matter where you are, food is your best friend and there are a few people who will deny it. We travel to fulfill our souls and in the process, it is our stomach that gets the most beating. It has to sit inside a jet for hours without fulfilling food. Then we wait at the airport, thinking about how our hotel rooms would be. In the meantime, our belly waits for some mouth-watering food items to invade the system. Yes, we all feel the same way. We all are obsessed with food, except those with excessive fitness curriculum. We doubt even if gym-goers can resist a gigantic hamburger with extra cheese melting out of it. At least, we are not among those who can resist our hunger, especially when we are out of town, traveling in unknown territory. People’s attachment to fitness endeavors is tested the most when they are in Singapore. With so many food options available around, even the fittest person in the room might seek a cheat day.

Too many options in Bukit Timah

If you’re in Singapore or planning to visit there soon, we must recommend you visiting Bukit Timah. The place is a heaven for food lovers, as there are way many restaurants than you can imagine. Also, Bukit Timah hosts a wide variety of cuisines. If you fail to plan beforehand, chances are high that you would end up spending your entire weekend just exploring food. Here is some amazing breakfast at Bukit Timah.

The Affogato Bar

Since you’re looking for a hearty wholesome breakfast, let’s start with a café. ‘The Affogato Bar’ holds a special position in the hearts of tourists because of the heavenly espresso that it serves. This café can accommodate 15 people at a time. The ambiance inside the café is worth experiencing. You can get hold of some amazing snack options right from 8 am till 11 pm, all week long. Some of the special dishes served by the café include ‘Pot of Honey’, ‘Death by chocolate’, ‘Carota Carota’, etc.

Sugarhaus and Fat Belly

If you’re willing to taste some great steak, ice-creams, and desserts, you must pay a visit to the ‘Sugarhaus and Fat Belly’ restaurant. People visit this café from across the city just to taste its special ice-creams. Once, the café was famous for its galaxy themed Taro Cake, which unfortunately has been out of production for some time now. Besides sweets, Sugarhaus serves one of the rarest cut steaks in the town. However, to taste steaks, you need to visit the restaurant after 6 pm.

Artisanal Breads & Pizza

The specialty of this micro bakery is that all the bread they offer are handmade and the ingredients include organic flour, sea salt, and water. Every Sunday evening, they host a pizza night, where you get to taste some of the most delicious hand-tossed pizzas. Besides serving bread, the café also specializes in espresso-based coffee, cold brew coffee, and drip coffee. What makes them stand out of the rest of the local cafes is its practice of roasting the coffee beans manually every week.